Embest BeagleBone BB Black Cortex-A8 Development Board REV C Version Banggood

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Category: Motherboard & Development Board

Feature ProcessorSitara AM3358BZCZ100 1GHZ 2000MIPSGraphicsSGX530 3D 20M Polygons SSDRAM Memory512MB DDR3L 800MHZOnboard Flash4GB 8bit Embedded MMCPMICTP65217C PMIC regulator and one additional LDODebug SupportOptional Onboard 20 pin CTI JTAG Serial HeaderPower SourceminiUSB USB or DC JACK5VDC External Via Expansion headerPCB3 4 X 2 16 layersIndicators1 Power 2 Ethernet 4 User Controllable LEDsHS USB 2 0 Client PortAccess to USB0 Client mode va miniUSBHS USB 2 0 Host PortAccess to USB1 Type A Socket 500mA LS FS HSSerial PortUART0 access via 6pin 3 3V TTL Header Header is populateEthernet10 100 RJ45SD MMC ConnectormicroSD 3 3VUser InputReset Button Boot Button Power ButtonVideo Out16b HDMI 1280X1024 MAX 1024X768 1280X720 1440X900 1920X1080 24Hzw EDID SupportAudioVia HDMI Interface StereoExpansion ConnectorsPower 5V 3 3V VDD ADC 1 8V 3 3V I O on all signalsMcASP0 SPI1 I2C GPIO 69 max LCD GPMC MMC1 MMC2 1AIN 1 8V MAX 4 Timers 4Serial Ports CAN0 EHRPWM 0 2 XDMA Interrupt Power button Expansion Board ID Up to 4 can be stacked Weight1 4 oz 39 68 grams PowerRefer to Section 6 17Document Click here to openPackage included 1 xBeagleBoneDevelopment Board

Brand: Banggood
category_name: Motherboard & Development Board

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